Who are we?


Our Mission

We founded Clearway Global to help entrepreneurs manage the start-up and early phase processes for their biotech or biopharma companies. We also guide small to mid-size pharmaceutical companies through planning, regulatory, hiring and funding challenges. 


Our Experience


Clearway Global is led by pharma industry veteran Dr. Fred D. Sancilio with over 40 years of entrepreneurial, pharmaceutical and investment banking experience. Having founded and built both private and public companies, Dr. Sancilio has seen success and failures in his career. Most of the challenges were avoidable had he worked with a group like Clearway Global.

Clearway partners include industry experts in regulatory affairs, pre-clinical development, chemistry, manufacturing, quality systems, finance, accounting, contract law, intellectual property rights, pharmaceutical construction projects, funding resources and valuation of businesses. We can also help you find partners or potential acquisition targets and prospects.


Why Call on Us?


One of the most challenging aspects of building a business is to avoid relationships that are predatory. They are very hard to spot and having an experienced 3rd party assessment of those relationships will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make. In our experience, this single benefit, provided by Clearway Global, can be the difference between success and failure. Avoid the friendly wolf in sheep’s clothing!


We can provide a clearway forward for the following tasks:

Business conceptualization and the business planning process

Testing the value of your ideas before spending time and money

Deciding when is the right time to bring in partners and investors

Avoiding vulture relationships with investors and employees

Business systems that will help guide you and provide a foundation for growth

Setting up a sales and marketing system

Working with banks and lawyer and how to differentiate between good and bad ones

Building your basic biopharma infrastructure either virtually or physically

Keeping control of your business, time and strategy, especially your exit strategy

Managing the R&D process and creating high-value regulatory pathways such as orphan drug programs or obtaining pediatric priority review vouchers

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We will begin building value and help you avoid falling into situations that may not be realized for several years to come.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you!   Fred D. Sancilio

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